Are you agile, active and full of life? Do you like to dance, run, meditate, or hike?
Whatever your routine, however you train, we’ve got a premium hemp product to match.

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1000mg Lemon Tincture

$69.99 or $69.99 $59.49 / month
Level 1000 is our mid-strength, lemon-flavored tincture. It’s a recovery tincture that works best after intense activities.

1500mg Cinnamon Tincture

$99.99 or $99.99 $84.99 / month
Level 1500 is our intensely-potent, cinnamon-flavored tincture. With a single dose taken 20 minutes before bed, it’s designed to promote and regulate sleep.

500mg Mint Tincture

$39.99 or $39.99 $33.99 / month
Level 500 is our low-strength, mint-flavored tincture, ideal for those new to hemp and looking for a way to reduce muscle tension post-workout.

Bath Bomb

Carefully crafted using a special blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and therapeutic plant botanicals, our bath bombs encourage deep muscle repair and relaxation.

Post Workout Bundle

A post-workout combination for a speedy recovery. Revive tired muscles, relieve problem areas and level out your body from within.

Pre Workout Bundle

A pre-workout combination to energize and invigorate. Resolve, recover and level out your body for optimum performance.


$59.99 or $59.99 $50.99 / month
Our premium, full spectrum, whole plant softgels are 100% natural and designed to support the stresses and strains of an active lifestyle.

Soothing Relief Freeze Gel

$29.99 or $29.99 $25.49 / month
Our hemp-infused freeze gel is a convenient roll-on solution that prevents problem areas from interrupting your regular routine.

Warming Botanical Salve

$59.99 or $59.99 $50.99 / month
Resolve is a topical that’s high in cannabis sativa hemp oil and made more effective by the combined efforts of ginger, cucuma and lavender.

Workout Bundle

The ideal combination to support and enhance intense workouts. Resolve problem areas, relieve sore muscles and give your body the recovery it deserves.