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500mg Mint Tincture

$39.99 or $39.99 $33.99 / month
Level 500 is our low-strength, mint-flavored tincture, ideal for those new to hemp and looking for a way to reduce muscle tension post-workout.

1000mg Lemon Tincture

$69.99 or $69.99 $59.49 / month
Level 1000 is our mid-strength, lemon-flavored tincture. It’s a full spectrum product that encourages inner calm and optimizes body balance. Works best after intense activities.

1500mg Cinnamon Tincture

$99.99 or $99.99 $84.99 / month
Level 1500 is our intensely-potent, cinnamon-flavored tincture. With a single dose taken 20 minutes before bed, it’s designed to promote and regulate sleep.

Bath Bomb

Carefully crafted using a special blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and therapeutic plant botanicals, our bath bombs encourage deep muscle repair and relaxation.


$59.99 or $59.99 $50.99 / month
Our premium, full spectrum, whole plant softgels are 100% natural and designed to support the stresses and strains of an active lifestyle.