Why is CBD great for Active Moms?

Why is CBD great for Active Moms?

Why is CBD great for Active Moms?


If you’re new to GetEVOKE, then there’s one thing you should know about us… We provide premium CBD products for people who live to be active. But, by that, we don’t just mean people who love sports, commit to a regular gym routine, or who take part in a weekly class of yoga. We work to support and enhance the experiences of all kinds of active lifestyles, including those belonging to go-getting moms. 

Moms who manage a family, run a business, take care of their friends, and who love learning new skills in the slither of time that they have to spare. Our products are designed to keep busy moms on the move when they need to be, and to help them find those instant moments of calm when they need to bring things down a notch too.

But, before we get into product details, let’s take a detailed look at why CBD is so great for active moms in the first place…

1. Natural beginnings

What we most love about CBD is that it comes from a plant. It’s an oil that’s grown in the riches of our soils and, in general, manufactured in such a way as to remain as pure and loyal to the prime material as possible.

Naturally, not all CBD oils are equal. Not all CBD oils are processed using the same methods, some oils are full spectrum and others are broad spectrum, and a packaged product that’s prepared for the shelves of your local store is never going to be as pure as if you were to grow your own plants and extract your own oils (which some people do). BUT… there’s no getting away from the fact that hemp is a plant, grown in our soils and, therefore, a natural alternative to the synthetic supplement options on offer. 

Moms are more and more active than ever before, raising children, running businesses, studying online, and more. When it comes between ingesting a natural CBD oil, or a synthetic OTC medication, to keep your active body in balance, we know which one we’d choose.

2. Product variety and on-the-go solutions

A second reason why CBD is great for active moms relates to product variety and ease of use. If you’re an active mom, always on-the-go, you need easy solutions to match your busy lifestyle. You need products that are easy to carry, easy to take, and fun at the same time. No-one wants to feel like taking care of themselves is just another chore to add to the long list of things to do.

Most CBD brands offer CBD solutions that are quick and easy-to-take. Tinctures come in small bottles with droppers, giving consumers the chance to drop the oil directly under the tongue. Softgels are small capsules, just like a fish-oil capsule, that you can carry in your handbag and pop into your mouth whenever and wherever you may be. 

Topicals are super discrete. Essentially, they’re creams, gels, and salves that are designed to soothe joints and relax muscles. If you were to apply one in a public place, nobody would even think them to be different to other creams we apply to our skin on a daily basis.

Then there are the fun product items, like CBD-infused bath bombs, that make using CBD an enjoyable part of the day. Active moms need effective downtime and they need moments when they can recharge their batteries fast. There are lots of CBD brands out there – GetEVOKE is one of them – that put their creative skills to the grindstone in order to craft product options that are just as fun as they are effective. Active moms need and deserve products that have been formulated with enjoyment in mind.

3. Wellness activities and ingredients

Another reason why most active moms would enjoy using CBD relates to the way in which CBD naturally fits in with the forever-growing world of wellness and good living. For the past 10 years, at least, the world has been consciously shifting toward healthy living, general wellbeing, and products and/or activities that help us to make the shift. CBD slots neatly into this current world trend and it’s for the reason that CBD is so appealing to the active mom. 

Do you drink certain teas because they’re good for your body? Did you know that you can drop CBD oils into your tea and that CBD-infused teas are actually a thing? Do you like taking a bath with essential oils to help calm the mind and soothe physical aches and pains? Did you know that the CBD-infused bath bombs we offer at GetEVOKE are also infused with a variety of essential oils, including lavender?

Active moms who drink lemon-flavored water in the morning to balance their inner PH values are the active moms who would benefit from a shot of lemon-flavored CBD oil post-workout, to encourage improved physical recovery. And the list goes on…

The point is that the world is ready for CBD and has been ready for some time. The active mom, who needs to stay active and find moments of calm and/or effective rest at the same time, is just the kind of mom who would most benefit from an exploration into the benefits of CBD. 

CBD product recommendations for the active mom

So, which of the premium CBD products for the active do we recommend for our kick-ass, active moms, new to CBD?…

Without a doubt, we’d recommend bringing a long, challenging day to a close with one of our CBD-infused bath bombs for the active lifestyle. 

We’d also recommend trying our GetCALM tincture, LEVEL500. It’s a low-potency tincture, small enough to carry in your handbag, that can be used to reduce feelings of stress and establish moments of instant calm, whenever and wherever needed: before an important business meeting, when running late to pick the kids up from school, or even when you want to encourage increased focus in the middle of a busy day, right before you step into your yoga class. 

Sounds interesting? Then why not just give CBD a try? You might like it!