Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

We live in a world that is “always on” and overloaded with information, so it can be hard to stay focused throughout the day, or during workouts. Even one second of misplaced focus can mean wasted time and wasted opportunities for exercise. The good news is that CBD can help you sharpen your focus and calm your racing mind.

How often do you find yourself distracted by inner chatter or distractions that pull you away from work and exercise that you love to enjoy? CBD may be the answer to feeling less foggy and less anxious, which can mean much better focus, instant calm, and an improved relaxed attitude to life.


Does CBD make you feel focused and relaxed?

A lack of concentration can be caused by medical, cognitive, or psychological issues, or may be related to sleep disorders or medications. Chronic psychological conditions that interfere with concentration include anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, and stress.

A number of studies that have followed the effects of CBD on anxiety and sleep suggest that CBD has a calming effect on the central nervous system and has the potential to reduce anxiety long term. Clinical trials have provided evidence to show that CBD helps to curb levels of cortisol in the body, the hormone responsible for chronic y detrimental stress. CBD calms us down and thus allows us to focus on the things we love to do, like exercise.

Using CBD to improve focus and concentration helps your endocannabinoid system by encouraging the production of your body’s naturally-occurring endocannabinoids. It makes your body better at producing the materials it needs to function better. As such, CBD has also been proven to increase brain cell production, in multiple regions of the brain, enhancing response time and reflexes… great news for the active among us.


Which CBD products make you feel more focused and relaxed?

Now that CBD is available in many different forms, it’s becoming easier to find specific products to meet individual needs. For example, many people choose to regularly consume CBD as a way of improving studying, running, public speaking, sleep, yoga practice, and other mindfulness activities. Other reasons people choose to consume CBD include the need to deal with sore joints, tired muscles, and improve your mood.

Most CBD products are designed to generate calming or relaxing effects on whomever uses them, so there’s always a wide range of products and brands to choose from, but there are two things you should consider when taking CBD: the dosage and the method of consumption. The dosage, or the concentration, will be listed on the product label in milligrams (mg) and describes the amount of CBD in the product, which can help you calculate your optimum dose.

When it comes to consumption method, CBD can be inhaled using a vape, by dropping CBD oil under the tongue, by massaging a CBD topical into the skin, by relaxing in the tub with a CBD-infused bath bomb, or by ingesting an edible or capsule. The CBD consumption method you choose is both a matter of personal taste and desired effect.

CBD oil is perhaps the most popular and well-known way of taking CBD that can help you to relax and get focused fast. CBD oils (or tinctures) are CBD extracts mixed with carrier oils and are taken orally. We recommend that you place a few drops underneath your tongue, hold for around 60 seconds, and then swallow. This gives CBD the time it needs to sink into your bloodstream and produce the desired effects on your body.

There are few experiences that compare to relaxing in a hot bath after a long, stressful day. CBD bath bombs are balls you add to your bath water. They are usually made from a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, essential oils, and botanicals. Some will add fun colors to your bath water too. The benefit of bath bombs is that they offer top quality skin therapy for your entire body. So, you don’t just start to relax, but your skin starts to shine beautifully too.


How does CBD help those who practice sports?

In 2018, CBD was removed from the list of prohibited substances managed by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Since that time, the use of CBD has become very popular in the field of sports. Arguably, this is largely due to scientific discoveries that have been made regarding the benefits of CBD.

Many athletes see CBD as an alternative that allows them to reduce intake of over-the-counter drugs that help with muscle soreness and inflammation. Others use it as a cognitive enhancer to improve focus and alertness when exercising or performing in professional and non-professional competitions.

The 2018 Farm Bill made it legal to farm hemp. Following its passage, sporting groups began taking different approaches to the substance’s possible presence in sports.

The NFL is looking into CBD. However, its blanket ban on THC products and its overall skepticism on cannabis effects means that it’s unlikely to accept the substance in the near future. The PGA, however, does allow for the use of CBD, which is great news for golfers who need lots of calm, focus, and concentration on the putting green.

All these factors make the future of CBD in sport uncertain. However, with the increasing number of athletes who actively advocate using it in their training programs, it seems that CBD will eventually find a secure place in modern sports and professional training. Time will tell.

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

What are the benefits of CBD in sports?

Today, many people who are in the world of sports use CBD to increase their sports performance. They also use it to recover faster after exercise. In turn, the body’s functions at muscular level are greatly improved through the use of CBD.

Among the many benefits that CBD offers, it’s worth highlighting some of the following positive aspects in the field of sports…

  • CBD is capable of strengthening the immune system: To make the athlete’s physical mechanism more resistant, CBD helps to ensure that all internal organs are in perfect condition.
  • CBD reduces stress: Since the body remains in a state of stress during competitions and training, athletes can find themselves overwhelmed and unable to compete. But with the help of CBD, and its calming properties, stress levels can be lowered or resolved entirely.
  • CBD encourages faster recovery: Another benefit of CBD is that it’s very practical when dealing with pain. Athletes in pain, lose focus and find it more difficult to commit to tense moments in competitions. When using CBD to deal with pain, not only does the body recover faster, but it also finds a way of staying calm too.
  • CBD helps you sleep better: When we’re calm, focused, and relaxed, we sleep better and deeper. As such, regular consumption of CBD is what’s needed to improve sleep.


3 Athletes Who Use CBD

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

CBD is one of over 100+ different cannabinoids that occur naturally in the hemp plant and it offers many body benefits without causing psychoactive effects. In layman’s terms, this means that CBD doesn’t get you high.

Many professional athletes enjoy using CBD before, during, and after training and are currently endorsing the use of CBD in sports. Nate Diaz, Gabby Douglass, and Bubba Watson are just three professionals happy to reveal how they have introduced CBD into their daily routines.


Nate Diaz

A lightweight UFC fighter for over ten years, Diaz is a known advocate of CBD. In a post-fight interview in 2016, a reporter asked Diaz what he was smoking. Upon which, Diaz responded by saying it was CBD and that “it helps with the healing process and inflammation.” Since then, both Nate and his brother Nick have been strong supporters of CBD and other plant-based supplements useful for MMA training.


Gabby Douglass  

Gabby Douglass believes that CBD products are designed to help athletes recover, train, and perform better. You might have seen her on your TV screens as the first African-American gymnast in Olympic history to become the Individual All-Around Champion. She’s also the first US gymnast to win gold in both the team and individual all-around competitions at the same Olympic Games.

Douglass uses CBD to manage pain, recover, train, and perform better, stating that her experience using the compound has led her to believe that her life would have been much easier and pain-free throughout her career had CBD been allowed sooner.


Bubba Watson

A number of golfers also use CBD. While not often thought of as exacting the same physical toll as professional fighting or American Football, golf can be tiring. The necessary longevity for grueling golf tournaments is what has driven certain golfing professionals to include CBD into their supplement regime. 

One of the most forthright golfers to promote the use of CBD is Bubba Watson. Watson not only cites the problems of injury and strain, but includes his personal experience of better sleep during long tournaments when incorporating CBD into his routine. Speaking about his desire to extend his career beyond 40-years-old, Watson has said that taking CBD, for him, is a no-brainer.


CBD Products by GetEvoke to focus and relax

Even the calmest, coolest and most collected people in the world experience stress and anxiety at some point. Between a global pandemic that shows no sign of ending soon and the personal hard times that many of us face, it can be difficult to decompress and find a way to cope with stress.

However, it’s vital to prioritize and find the time to relax, because a stressed-out body negatively affects the immune system. So, which CBD products for focus and relaxation do we recommend from the GetEvoke premium product line? Let’s take a look…



Our CBD bath bombs – called REVIVE – offer a relaxing way to experience all the benefits of CBD post-exercise, or after a hard day training. Just throw one into your bath at the end of a long day and benefit from an intensive CBD therapy that you can enjoy any day of the week. 

With 100mg of CBD packed into each bath bomb, this product, is one of the only CBD bath bombs for sale in the U.S. market that has been specifically formulated to support and enhance an active lifestyle. What’s more, our CBD bath bombs are for sale in five aromas: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Birthday Cake, and Coconut Lime.

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?



Our full spectrum, mint-flavored LEVEL500 CBD TINCTURE is a quick solution that’s ideal for anyone who likes to keep moving, increase focus, and benefit from an immediate injection of calm, whenever and wherever. 

It’s great for inducing moments of calm and focus; perfect for golfers on a putting field, or for yoguis who just can’t get into their flow in the yoga class, or for beginners to CBD. Why? Because it’s a low-strength CBD tincture, containing just 500mg CBD per bottle and 16mg CBD per serving, designed to get you to your calm place in an instant. It helps to quiet a racing mind and gives your brain and body the boost it needs to just focus on the task at hand.

The fresh, mint flavor is a popular one and provides the perfect solution for people who don’t like the taste of natural, non-flavored CBD oil. Just drop the oil under your tongue, hold for up to 90 seconds, and swallow.

Which CBD product types are the best for generating calm, focus, and relaxation?

Give them both a try!