Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?

Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?

Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?

For those who choose to enjoy and maintain an active lifestyle, joint pain and inflammation are common issues. That’s why, at GetEvoke, we design premium CBD products to support and enhance active lifestyle routines and deal with niggling issues that affect your performance and overall enjoyment. 

In this blog, we share information related to CBD and CBD products to help you find the best natural solution for dealing with pain relief. Learn about CBD product properties and applications, while we explain what it is, exactly, about CBD that makes it so effective when it comes to pain relief and inflammation. 


Why is CBD effective at treating pain?

CBD is one of the naturally-occuring cannabinoids found in the hemp plant and the number of people who use it across the world is growing significantly by the day. CBD oil is extracted and made from mature hemp flowers and, both the process and the solvents involved, are what will largely determine the quality of the final CBD-infused product.

CBD affects the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system) receptors and, in particular, the immune system. When this cellular signaling system (ECS), that we all have, receives chemical signals, it allows cells to respond to stimuli, producing an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling and pain. This means that CBD products can help you deal with acute or chronic joint pain. It also means that the human body was, quite literally, built to receive, interact, and benefit from hemp-derived CBD. 

Initial research on CBD for joint pain is promising, showing that CBD products may be a viable alternative to other substances, like opioids or medications with side effects (like immunosuppressants), that are generally prescribed and used by many people to manage pain. In direct opposition to pharmaceuticals, CBD is a natural alternative and a modern panacea for a wide range of health problems. Some people use it to relax the body and calm the mind after a tense day, while others take it for chronic conditions involving inflammation and pain.


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD oil provides a host of benefits and is considered one of the most current beneficial and effective cannabinoids for pain management without causing unwanted side-effects.

Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?

There are three different types of CBD oils available on the market: full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. Understanding these oil types is important, as each offers unique benefits and adapts differently to individual needs.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains every cannabinoid in the hemp plant and produces what’s known as the entourage effect. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids, except THC. CBD isolate oil is the purest form of CBD and only contains CBD.

You can buy different types of CBD oil in bottles with droppers. The dropper allows you to measure just the right amount of oil and place it under your tongue, where you have to hold it for about 60 seconds before swallowing.

The effects of CBD oil normally start to kick into gear after about 20 minutes, although some oils are designed to kick in faster, and tend to last for around four to six hours, depending on the dosage and the metabolism of the person consuming the oil.

There are no strict dosage guidelines to follow when it comes to using CBD oil for pain, as the human body reacts differently. However, it is generally recommended that you begin with a low dose of low potency CBD and then gradually increase the dose or the potency of the oil you consume over time, monitoring the results to find your individual sweet spot.


How to choose the right CBD product?

There are various ways to consume CBD: Inhalation, ingestion, topical application, and sublingual methods are great options for anyone who wants to try CBD and enjoy its effects. While there are many ways to take CBD, there’s no one right or best way. It’s important to try different methods and see what works for you. The best consumption method for you will depend on your individual preferences and requirements. Let’s see in detail the properties of each method 

Inhaling CBD is one of the quickest ways to enjoy its effects. When you inhale CBD, it goes straight into the bloodstream and gets to work fast, making it an effective choice for pain relief. However, we don’t all enjoy inhaling products. Not all of us are smokers or vapers. So, how else can we benefit from pain-relieving CBD without having to inhale?

If inhaling isn’t for you, you can try using topical CBD products. Topical application basically means using a CBD balm or a CBD-infused cream that you apply to your skin. The topical method works best for sore muscles, skin conditions, and even migraines. It’s also one of the most popular methods among athletes and people who love to stay fit and active.


Why are our topicals the best option for an active lifestyle?

Few brands in the industry can match our CBD topicals in terms of specific use for the active lifestyle. We at GetEVOKE know that choosing to stay active is part of a way of life for those who are looking to improve their general well-being. That’s why we strive to develop products to support these goals and to simplify exercise routines. We craft quality products and easy application through our CBD topicals.

Topicals are rubbed directly onto sore muscles or joints, where they may ease pain by reducing inflammation. CBD balms typically include extracts mixed into a fat, such as beeswax or coconut oil. These fabrications not only make it easier to spread the product on your skin but they also help the CBD to penetrate deeper through the skin’s surface and into the muscles or joints responsible for causing pain.

We have a CBD-infused, active lifestyle product for every kind of activity and need. If you have any pain around the joints or discomfort in small areas that cause problems during exercise, we recommend using our 350 mg roll-on freezing gel, RELIEVE, which provides the necessary relief to continue enjoying your physical activity through the power of CBD and the refreshing sensation of menthol.

After exercising, our warming CBD botanical salve, relaxes and soothes sore muscles. With 500mg CBD, RESOLVE, uses the power of CBD combined with the natural warming properties of cayenne pepper to provide pain relief and induce muscle recovery after an intense training session.

Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?

Ready to give CBD for pain relief a try?

By altering pain transmission from nerves to the brain, CBD can help people manage pain and improve their quality of life in a safe and natural way. However, it’s important you only use high-quality products that come from reputable manufacturers. Only then will you be able to get the most out of CBD’s analgesic properties.

Which CBD product types are best for pain relief?