What’s America’s answer to the Coronavirus? Exercise and a little CBD.

What’s America’s answer to the Coronavirus? Exercise and a little CBD.

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How to stay active and on-the-move during the Covid-19 pandemic. We look at how Californians and Coloradans maintain an active lifestyle and stay mentally immune to the lock-down.

A Time For Reflection And Improvement

Each country’s taken its specific approach to the coronavirus pandemic and it seems that America’s answer to COVID-19 is to maintain, and maybe even improve, a careful exercise and wellness routine, whether amid total shutdown or not.

But, which states remain the most active, what is the role and impact of CBD and CBD products, and who’s in line for the gold when it comes to finding new ways of keeping the body in shape and the mind occupied, without breaking regulations imposed by local authorities?

America on the Move

We know that the virus has now spread to all 50 U.S. states and we know that at least 15 have ordered gyms and fitness centers to close. We also know that social-distancing and state-lockdowns could turn into measures that last for months instead of weeks, which is why the average American has started to wonder how to keep life’s basics in check, and that includes regular exercise.

While the objective of any exercise routine is to improve our own physical, mental and emotional health, the social aspect of going to the gym or joining a yoga class is also something that Americans are trying to cling to, even if they’re not allowed to leave home to do so.

Having said that, in some states, like California, it’s proving difficult to keep people indoors at all.

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Movement is Life, Movement is California

To Californians, exercise isn’t just a necessary activity to help us stay fit and healthy, it’s a way of life. Despite the closure of local gyms and other kinds of fitness environments, so far it’s been almost impossible to keep Californians at home. When gyms close, they flock to the beach. When yoga studios shut down, they slip on their hiking boots.

Boxer, Mitch Schubiger, explained his need to move in conversation with the Los Angeles Times, If you’re quarantined, you can’t move. Sun isn’t going to give you coronavirus. Running isn’t going to give you coronavirus.

City streets, beaches and parks are filled with locals choosing to use this extraordinary and highly underestimated world pandemic as an opportunity to get creative with their standard exercise programs.

And while the six feet mind the gap safe distance recommendation, imposed on the public by local government authorities, is being respected, Californians seem to find the idea of inactivity far more frightening than COVID-19. It’s also interesting to note how this new approach to exercise is supported by the state’s growing interest in CBD for wellness purposes.

Exercising in Colorado

On a similar note, Coloradans are also known for the high value they place on fitness, exercise, and outdoor recreation. Ever since the coronavirus appeared in Colorado, locals have been pondering how to run, hike, ride bikes and even ski without putting themselves and their health at risk.

In an interview with The Know Outdoors, state epidemiologist, Dr. Rachel Herlihy, responds to concerns about the potential transmission of COVID-19 in parks and on trails. When questioned about the effectiveness of the six-foot distancing rule, Herlihy is quick to say, If people are maintaining those social distancing spaces, it is safe to be outdoors. We want people to exercise. We know it is very important for people’s physical and mental health, but a crowded park, a crowded parking lot, is certainly a place where transmission could occur.

Herlihy’s stance reflects the general support from those in local government for finding ways to continue exercising during the epidemic.

Professional Sports Figures take the Lead

Social media feeds, belonging to national and internationally-renowned sports figures, have also gone into fitness-tip overdrive. Cool solutions and clever ideas for how to avoid dropping the bar, even when having to work out at home, are all the rage.

Golf guru and World No.1, Rory McIlroy, is one such figure. Making full use of his IG profile and the IG stories feature, McIlroy has taken to sharing insights into his rigorous at-home exercise routine like never before.

Budding golfers would do good to take note, as his program is designed to help add yards to an already promising drive. He offers an interesting challenge for those looking for something to focus on while having to spend more time at home.


Hot Commodities: CBD and Dumb Bells

Fitness stores with exercise equipment for sale are dubbing the coronavirus pandemic Black Friday times 10. Dumbbell purchases are among the most popular, proving that Americans are in need of the feel-good release that comes from exercise, now more than ever.

But what’s really interesting to note is the way in which CBD brands have taken the lead on combining tips and products to help calm the mind, keep anxieties at bay, improve sleep, and support those who continue to work out, even if that workout isn’t as vigorous as it was a few weeks ago.

The match between CBD and a successful at-home exercise routine is an interesting and effective one.

In fact, our CBD-infused bath bombs are particularly good at relaxing sore muscles after an at-home workout or calming a racing mind before trying to get a good night’s sleep. They also offer the perfect solution to long repetitive days, couped up in the same space, by breaking up the routine and adding something fun and decadent to the grind.


The Unexpected

On a final note, even the FBI has decided to turn its attention to exercise in the face of COVID-19. Aptly named the FBI’s Physical Fitness Test, the FBI’s new mobile app is designed to get the American public up, on its feet, and ready for action, whether tied to the home or not.

Feeling like it could be time to download?