Problems with Cycling Performance? CBD Can Help in 5 Different Ways

CBD is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids for the human body, working its magic by attaching itself to and interacting with our CBD receptors, which form part of the body’s endocannabinoid system. At GetEVOKE, we champion the regular use of CBD as a complement to all kinds of physical exercise. And we’re not the only ones. Many professional athletes are advocates of CBD too. But today, we’d like to focus on cyclists who’d like to include CBD as part of their regular training routine, reaping the benefits of this non-psychoactive cannabinoid in five very specific ways. Let’s take a look…


1. CBD Pain Relief for Cyclists

If you love to cycle and you’re accustomed to pushing your body to its limits and beyond, then you’ll be more than a little acquainted with painful joints and sore muscles. In a new study led by university researchers, more light is shed on the ability of CBD to reduce pain along with the impact that the so-called placebo effect may have on pain outcomes.

As all avid cyclists will know from experience, niggling painful areas can be a real problem all over the body. Anything from neck pain, to ankle pain, to wrist pain, and to back pain, can make cycling on a regular basis a bit of a problem. That’s without mentioning how painful it can be when rushing along at full speed and coming off before hitting the ground. Ouch!

The problem is that we don’t want painful joints or sore muscles to prevent us from doing what we love, and this is where CBD comes in. Sure! You can speak to the doctor about prescription meds, but the great thing about CBD is that it’s all natural. CBD is a cannabinoid, extracted from a plant that grows in our soils. It’s then mixed with natural oils and turned into a variety of products – solutions that are available in many formats and applications. Its natural qualities, matched with its versatility, are two of the main reasons why CBD is an increasingly popular form of pain relief for cyclists. 

When it comes to pain relief, topicals are some of the most effective solutions on the market and some of the most user-friendly… zero fuss, zero stress, and they’re perfect for throwing into your cycle bag or whatever kind of kit you take with you when you head out for a ride. Similar in style and make-up to all other kinds of creams, gels, and salves, the CBD topical is a product that’s applied directly to the area causing problems and the CBD is absorbed through the skin. 

You can give our super convenient, CBD-infused, roll-on freeze gel a try. It’s easy to apply, it cools and soothes as soon as it hits the skin (thanks to the high levels of menthol used in its formulation), and it’s most effective when used on joints or small surface areas of the body…. So, wrists, neck, ankles, shoulder blades, and the link.


2. Improved Restorative Sleep for Cyclists with CBD

Another major issue that many cyclists suffer from is poor sleep. Regardless of whether you sleep eight hours every night or not, if you train hard on a regular basis, the thing your body needs more than anything is deep, rejuvenating, restorative sleep. You need to enter into the third and fourth stages of sleep, passing through both non-REM and REM sleep, to be sure that your sleep is effective, and you need to spend the right amount of time in those stages too.

Cyclists who only ever get a light sleep, who wake up during the night, who find it hard to actually get sleep (maybe because they cycle late at night after work and leave the body in a state of alert, unable to get into a sleeping frame of mind with ease), these are the cyclists that need alternative ways to induce better and more restorative sleep. Many studies into the benefits of CBD on sleep have offered positive results. One such investigation found that a CBD dosage of 160mg improved sleep duration and helped participants fall asleep faster. 

So, ask yourself? How good is the quality of your sleep? Do you feel tired in the morning when you wake, even when you slept all night? Do you sometimes find it hard to push on through when cycling and you’d love to find a way of improving your overall cycling performance? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then what you need to try is a CBD tincture formulation, designed to induce deep and restorative sleep. 

Our LEVEL1500 cinnamon-flavored tincture is a very special, highly potent formulation, designed to improve sleep quality. Each 1ml dropper provides 50mg of CBD and we recommend that those new to CBD start off slow and increase dosage little by little until they find their body’s sweet spot. This means, starting with just 1 dropper every night, 20 minutes before bed, to begin with and then gradually moving up to between 2 and 3 droppers, depending on how your body responds. You can learn more about CBD potency here.


3. CBD for Faster Muscle Repair Recovery

Then there’s the issue of sore muscles. Cyclists tend to train hard and muscle mass bears the brunt of their passionate approach to exercise. It’s fairly easy to tell when your muscles are finding it difficult to recover, because in the days following exercise your muscles will feel tense, tight, and sore, making it difficult for you to perform simple daily tasks without noticing… like bending down to pick something up off the floor.

When muscles take two or three days to fully recover, they probably need a little help, and CBD is a great solution for muscle repair, which is another reason why committed cyclists are choosing to explore the benefits of CBD with avid interest. CBD is fast-becoming known as a natural anti-inflammatory, hence its innate ability to speed up muscle recovery. While some inflammation in our bodies can stimulate training and stimulate more positive results from training, excess inflammation can slow down our body’s ability to recover. 

When it comes to cycling, CBD can speed up and improve recovery in terms of muscle repair and we’ve found that one of the most effective product solutions for this is a CBD tincture that you can take every day after exercise. We call this tincture LEVEL1000. It’s a tasty lemon formulation that you just drop under your tongue after your regular cycle. Used regularly, the difference is notable. What’s more, LEVEL1000 is a full-spectrum tincture, which is important in terms of product effectiveness, related to what’s known as the entourage effect.

On a side note here, be careful. Make sure that the CBD oil (tincture or softgel) that you choose is high quality CBD.


4. CBD Solutions to Relax Post-Cycle

Cycling is one of those forms of exercise that works the entire body all at once. It’s one of the reasons why we feel so tired after an intense cycle ride and one of the reasons why many people find spinning classes to be particularly demanding. As such, one of the best things an avid cyclist can do to improve general cycling performance is to make sure the entire body gets the deep relaxation it needs in between cycling sessions.

So, do you feel tired? Do you feel you never really recover from one cycle ride to the next? Do you feel like your body just gets heavier and heavier, and that you just can’t seem to keep up with the other cyclists in your cycling group? Or maybe, you’re doing well but you’re looking for ways to take your energy and performance levels to the next cycling level. Either way, what you need is a natural CBD solution to induce full body relaxation in a fun and non-invasive way. 

When cyclists come to us with this particular need, we always recommend our CBD-infused bath bombs. Yep! They are a thing! You just throw one of our bath bombs into your evening soak, let the salts dissolve, and then you relax in the CBD-infused suds for as long as you choose. The great thing about our CBD-infused bath bombs is that an oily film of CBD goodness rises to the top of the bath water during your bath and when you get out you can rub that oil into your skin.

The attention that you give your body with this CBD-oil massage aids further in its complete and total relaxation, but it also offers your skin some well-deserved CBD therapy… replenishing essential oils and generally helping to approve all-round skin appearance. 


5. CBD for Improved Body Maintenance for Cyclists

If there’s one thing we know about cycling, for sure, it’s that there isn’t always a specific “issue” that cyclists want to combat. Instead, they just want to increase overall performance. Does this sound like you? Do you find it difficult to push past current performance levels? Do you want to maybe start competing? Are you a fan of all kinds of solutions that are plant-based, natural, and that don’t come with a long list of worrying side-effects?

Not cycling fast enough, or long enough, or freely enough, might not have anything to do with skill, technique, or fitness. It actually might be an issue related to reduced brain function, anxiety, suppressed depression, or even a lack of blood flow. Research indicates that CBD may improve brain function by reducing the amount of dopamine in the brain, as dopamine is responsible for activating certain brain cells that we’d rather not activate. 

It’s widely reported that CBD acts as a strong support for the nervous system, reducing anxiety and signs of depression. It’s also thought that CBD may also help increase your energy levels. This is due to CBD’s ability to increase blood flow throughout the body. Hence, when you take CBD, your mood may improve and your entire body will feel good.

If the ideas mentioned above strike your interest, then we’d recommend our CBD softgels. One-a-day, just like any other kind of vitamin or supplement, and you’ll begin to notice the difference in all aspects of your wellbeing, which will no doubt then positively influence your performance on two wheels. 

Interested in learning more? Need some personalized advice? Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram. We’re here to help!