Post-Workout Bundle | CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Post-Workout Bundle | CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Any aspect of an active lifestyle routine is strengthened and made more effective when your body gets the rest and recuperation that it needs. It’s not just regular sleep that makes a difference, but the quality of that sleep and the attention paid to sore muscles post-workout.


While every single product, that forms part of the GetEvoke CBD line, has been carefully formulated to support and enhance your active lifestyle, our Post-Workout Bundle is a special combination of products to help you relax, regulate sleep and ensure that your body fully recovers before launching into the next activity or subsequent round of exercise.

Why Use GetEvoke’s Post-Workout CBD Bundle?

Staying active is key to living a long and happy life, free from troubling ailments and chronic conditions. But sometimes we can push our bodies too far or place them under unnecessary stress. We’d benefit greatly if we were to take better care of them and remain as active as we’d like, for as long as we’d like.


A daily shot of CBD, in a variety of forms and doses, gives the body the backup and strength that it needs to maintain balance, but it can also help to target particular areas that cause us discomfort or prevent us from being as mobile as we want to be.


The beauty of opting for our Post-Workout CBD Bundle is the guidance you receive. By bundling our products together, we’re helping you get the very best out of the most effective product combinations. Every time you exercise, your body needs to go through a recovery process. It needs to recharge so that it can fully commit to another activity on another day.


It’s for this simple reason that the products we merge together in the Post-Workout Bundle are products to help repair, relax and rejuvenate after exercise, and in more ways than one.

What is in GetEvoke’s Post-Workout CBD Bundle?

Post-Workout Bundle | CBD for the Active Lifestyle

The first thing to note about our Post-Workout Bundle is that all three products are full-spectrum and made from premium, hemp-derived CBD.


The full-spectrum nature of the CBD oil used to craft this bundle means that you get to reap the benefits of the entourage effect. The CBD is more effective because it goes to work in your body alongside the full cannabinoid profile extracted from the hemp plant.


It’s also worth noting that this particular bundle includes a highly effective combination of product types, each one designed to work in different ways. The first targets problem areas, the second relaxes sore muscles and the third induces a deep and replenishing sleep, all of which contribute to an effective post-workout recovery routine.


So, what does the bundle contain?…


1x RELIEVE: our CBD-infused freeze gel

1x REVIVE: our CBD-infused bath bomb

1x LEVEL 1500: our high-intensity CBD cinnamon tincture


All GetEvoke products are backed by a quality promise, specifying that they’re made from premium, US-grown hemp and that they’re GMP certified. You can also be sure that the products included in this bundle are pesticide-free, non-GMO, and lab-tested to ensure consistency.

How to Use GetEvoke’s Post-Workout CBD Bundle

Post-Workout Bundle | CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Put nice and simply, the roll-on can be used post-workout to soothe and target specific areas causing discomfort, the bath bomb gives you the chance to soak your body and achieve a full-body relax, and the tincture is designed to help regulate, induce and improve the quality of your sleep. Remember, when we’re super active, we need to get our sleep in order.


But, in case you’re looking for a little more detail about each product…


RELIEVE: our CBD-infused freeze gel

Our hemp-infused freeze gel is a convenient roll-on solution that prevents problem areas from interrupting your regular routine. It contains 350mg of pure CBD and is THC-free. It’s made using menthol, which means it provides a pleasant, cooling sensation as soon as it’s applied to the skin and offers a great alternative to active lifestyle products that rely on the more traditional burning solution, known as capsaicin.


In addition to the high levels of CBD, our freeze gel contains a careful balance of hemp seed oil, aloe barbadensis, arnica extract, burdock roots, and glycerin. This highly nutritious treatment offers the skin exactly what it needs to help combat inflammation, aging, and oxidation. It can be applied liberally to the chosen area and should be used immediately after exercise for the best results.


REVIVE: our CBD-infused bath bomb

Carefully crafted using a special blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and therapeutic plant botanicals, our bath bombs encourage deep muscle repair and relaxation.


One of the great things about our bath bombs is that, after you’ve finished soaking in your warm tub of CBD bathwater, you can gather the CBD-infused oily film that gathers on the surface of the water and massage it into your skin for an intense injection of CBD skin therapy. It feels great!


LEVEL 1500: our high-intensity CBD cinnamon tincture

Level 1500 is our intensely-potent, cinnamon-flavored tincture. With a single dose taken 20 minutes before bed, it’s designed to promote and regulate sleep.


If you lead a very active lifestyle, or you train every day, you need to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. Our Level 1500 has what it takes to help you enjoy a profound sleep and you can even drop your dose of Level 1500 into your favorite bedtime drink. Yum!

Why include CBD in your Regular Fitness or WellnessRoutine?

Post-Workout Bundle | CBD for the Active Lifestyle

Studies into the benefits of CBD on the human body continue. The industry is very new, which makes some people a little nervous. While there are many things we could write here about CBD and how it functions, what we’d most like to highlight is that CBD doesn’t get you high.


In fact, the only cannabinoid known to cause psychoactive effects on the human body as THC. The premium hemp oil that is used to craft our product line contains less than 0.3% of THC while remaining true to all the rest of the rich goodness extracted from the hemp plant, its full cannabinoid profile, terpenes, and flavonoids.


Remember, CBD isn’t synthetic. It’s an organic compound that’s extracted directly from a plant that grows in the soils naturally found on our planet. If you’d like more information on why so many athletes are turning to CBD, we urge you to browse through the contents of our Learn Tab here on our website.


If you have any specific questions, or you need help choosing the right product to match your active lifestyle, just send us a message and we’ll get back to you.