Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

We all dream of achieving and sustaining the perfect swing, or of securing that winning putt, but it’s not always just a lack of technique or practice that prevents us from following through on our dreams. Golf, just like any physical activity, can take its toll on both body and mind. So, aside from all the time and effort needed to make improvements to your practice, let’s take a look at what can be done with CBD products for golfers; solutions that take care of you, your wellbeing, and your form, from the inside out.

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

The Basics of CBD Benefits

Before we go into detail about CBD and golfing, how much do you know about CBD in general? For instance, did you know that CBD is one of the most beneficial cannabinoids for the human body? Did you know that it works by connecting to and interacting with the CBD receptors found in the human body? Did you know that we have an entire system within us, called the endocannabinoid system, which is 100% devoted to interacting with different kinds of cannabinoids, some of which, like CBD, come from the hemp plant? 

At GetEVOKE, we champion the regular use of CBD as a complement to all kinds of physical exercise. And we’re not the only ones. Many professional athletes are advocates of CBD too. But today, we’d like to focus on golfers who want to tap into the benefits of CBD in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of swing and putt. Let’s get started…

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

1. CBD Pain Relief for Golfers

Ok. So, maybe you don’t angle your body right. Maybe you don’t pull back enough or twist enough as you lift your club. Maybe you don’t follow through with your eye as you hit the ball. There are plenty of technical reasons why you don’t have the perfect golf swing, or at least the kind of golf swing you’d love to have. BUT, if you suffer from niggling complaints on the course, there’s little doubt that your game will be negatively affected. 

Back pain and shoulder pain are two killers for the avid golfer. If your back twinges every single time you swing, we wouldn’t blame you for holding back a little to avoid that discomfort. The only thing is, holding back is ruining your swing and keeping you from lowering that handicap, right? What’s more, if you’re anything like the majority of people who opt for our products, you’re someone who would never be happy about having to use painkillers regularly, or any other form of pharmaceutical solution for that matter, for fear of becoming reliant. 

But something must be done. A painful swing will always be a swing that’s under par, and we don’t mean in the positive sense of the term. You hold back, to avoid the pain, and your game suffers as a result. Sound familiar? 

Enter CBD.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and a plant-based solution that combats pain, available to consume in a variety of formats. In a new study led by university researchers, more light is shed on the ability of CBD to reduce pain along with the impact that the so-called placebo effect may have on pain outcomes. Golfers suffering from back pain or shoulder pain, particularly when taking the first large swing at the beginning of every hole, should give our warming, CBD-infused, botanical salve a try.

The benefits of our CBD-infused salve for golfers are twofold…

– This salve is designed to work on large surface areas of the human body (like the back and shoulders); two areas within the human body most likely to suffer from being on the golf course.

– The “deep heat” sensation that you feel on your skin, as soon as the salve is applied, is a direct result of the high levels of cayenne pepper in the product’s formulation. It provides instant relief, which means you can apply and reap the benefits of this salve even when in the middle of a game.

Many golfers also suffer from wrist complaints that, again, can seriously affect swing quality and overall game improvement. Our CBD-infused, roll-on freeze gel, is particularly effective when used to combat painful joints on the golf course. It’s a CBD topical that’s small enough to throw into your golf bag and, thanks to its roll-on applicator, it’s easy to apply. The high levels of menthol used in its formulation means that it cools and soothes as soon as it hits the skin.

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

2. CBD Calm on the Putting Green

So, what about those of you who just can’t seem to hold it together on the putting green? There’s a lot of technique and knowhow that goes into the perfect putt. We know! You’ve got to take angles into consideration, wind, grass length and texture, inclinations, and the exact amount of pressure needed as you pull back on that putting iron. BUT, what if the one thing that was truly failing you on the putting green was you and your lack of calm?

It’s hard to keep that head in check, to not let the pressure of the situation get to you, and to keep a steady hand, right? It’s why we champion our LEVEL500 tincture for golfers hoping to improve the consistency of their putt. 

So, how does it work?

CBD is a cannabinoid believed to have the power to activate a number of serotonin receptors in the human body. If you didn’t know already, the body’s serotonin system is associated with alleviating anxiety, reducing stress, and producing a sense of overall calm. While there are a number of CBD products on the market that claim to be effective at inducing calm, it’s important to know that the number of CBD milligrams in the product of your choice is very relevant.

What we mean is, not all CBD products are as effective at inducing calm as they claim to be. At GetEVOKE, we recommend tinctures above all other product types because they tend to have the minimum amount of potency required to hit that calming sweet spot in record time. So….. When you’re on the putting green and you need to get to that place of calm, fast, all you need to do is place a 1ml dropper of our LEVEL500 mint-flavored tincture under your tongue and let our CBD-infusion work its magic. Instant calm, instant focus, right at the moment when you need it most.

What’s more, LEVEL500 is a full-spectrum tincture, which is important in terms of product effectiveness, related to what’s known as the entourage effect. On a side note here, be careful. Make sure that the CBD oil (tincture or softgel) that you choose is high quality CBD.

What next? Let’s talk about sleep…

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways

3. CBD Solutions for Golfers with Sleep Problems

Another major issue that many golfers suffer from is poor sleep. Regardless of whether you sleep eight hours every night or not, if you train hard on a regular basis, the thing your body needs more than anything is deep, rejuvenating, restorative sleep. 

Golfers, just like anyone else, need to experience the third and fourth stages of sleep, every night, for the amount of time necessary for sleep to work its magic. For example, did you know that it’s important for your body, and mind, to experience both non-REM and REM sleep? Did you know that when you sleep light, when you wake up during the night, or when you find it hard to get back to sleep in the middle of the night, your body never truly gets the rest it needs?

It doesn’t matter if you get eight hours of sleep every night, if it’s not the right kind of sleep, then your body and mind suffer, whether you realize it or not. As such, golfers who want to improve their overall performance on the golf course need to find alternative ways to induce better and more restorative sleep. 

Where shall we start?

Well… First up, there are a number of studies that have explored the benefits of CBD on the human sleep cycle; studies that have shared positive results. One such investigation found that a CBD dosage of 160mg improved sleep duration and helped participants fall asleep faster. 

Our LEVEL1500 cinnamon-flavored tincture is a very special, highly potent formulation, designed to improve sleep quality. Each 1ml dropper provides 50mg of CBD and we recommend that those new to CBD start off slow and increase dosage little by little until they find their body’s sweet spot. This means, starting with just 1 dropper every night, 20 minutes before bed, to begin with and then gradually moving up to between 2 and 3 droppers, depending on how your body responds. You can learn more about CBD potency here.

When you get the perfect night’s sleep, your ability to perform on the golf course the following day changes for the better. It might seem like such a simple thing to say, but believe us when we say that few people in the U.S. actually sleep well. Even those who think they sleep well still need help. CBD is a natural, plant-based solution, just waiting for you to give it a try and explore.

Interested in learning more? Need some personalized advice? Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram. We’re here to help!

Is Your Swing Awful? Do You Always Miss Your Putt? CBD Helps Golfers in 3 Different Ways