How does CBD Help Seniors to Stay Active?

How does CBD Help Seniors to Stay Active?

At GetEVOKE, we’re not just interested in helping the insanely active surpass their physical limits. We’re also concerned with maintaining quality of life and providing solutions that help deal with the physical, or even emotional, difficulties that prevent us from staying active and feeling good. It’s part of the reason why our CBD products are particularly suited to the needs and lifestyles of seniors. 

While many CBD brands and educational resources tend to focus on using CBD to keep problems at bay, we see CBD more as a solution that encourages increased activity, vitality, and a zest for life. We’re less about highlighting CBD’s curing qualities and more about highlighting its ability to drive well-being onwards and upwards. So, rather than focus on how to just keep those niggling complaints under control, we’d like to open your eyes to CBD as an opportunity to keep life full of fun and action. Let’s dig into the details…

1.  Pain Relief for Joints and Muscles

As this blog focuses on the benefits of CBD for the senior community, it’s important to take a look at what it means to be part of that community in 2021. The brutal fact of the matter is that nearly half of the senior population in the U.S. suffers from arthritis and 75-85% of the same have to deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Both conditions can make physical activity difficult, if not impossible, and when we stop exercising things only get worse.

So… what to do?

The main objective here is to offer solutions that help keep seniors on their feet and doing things that they enjoy. This could be anything from playing with the grandkids on the weekend, to taking a morning stroll, or even hiking to new sights every weekend (just because we age, doesn’t mean we don’t love adventure, right?).

Despite the lack of clinical trials related to CBD and its benefits, more and more studies continue to provide evidence that supports CBD as an effective pain reliever, particularly for those suffering from arthritis. It appears that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are what make it so effective when providing relief from joint pain. 

If we can eliminate, or at least reduce, pain from our day-to-day lives, we can increase our opportunities to remain active and to live a healthier lifestyle for many years to come. We offer two topical formulas to help reduce pain and inflammation.

2.  Increased Energy

Many brands and educational sites focus on CBD’s soothing properties, but few mention this cannabinoid’s ability to raise energy levels. As we get older, there’s a tendency to do less and remain seated for longer periods of time, which doesn’t do us any good at all. If we can manage our diet and invest in other natural solutions to help keep us active, our overall feelings of well-being also improve.

The increased energy that a CBD tincture can provide is just what the senior community needs to keep inertia at bay. CBD is very effective at contributing to increased energy because it helps to strengthen our cells and participates in cell regeneration. New cells means a fresh new zest for life. 

The antioxidant properties found in CBD also help to keep the body feeling fit and alert, because it provides an internal detox that helps to eradicate free radicals. In fact, some studies show that CBD exudes stronger antioxidant properties than those found in Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Cool, right?

3. Lifting Your Mood

The major hormonal changes that we all experience as we continue to age can make it increasingly more difficult to deal with mood swings. The traumas that we experience as we age, like a decline in health or the loss of a loved one, can also be more challenging for us to deal with than the traumas we lived through when younger. Many senior citizens in the U.S. report feeling disconnected, neglected, isolated, or lonely, which is one of the reasons why mental health issues in the aging community are on the rise. 

And this is where CBD can help yet again…

CBD interacts with the human body via the endocannabinoid system, connecting with the receptors we have in our brains and nervous systems. When it interacts with the serotonin and adenosine receptors, it has the power to regulate mood. In the same way, it connects with our receptors to alleviate stress and calm the mind.

Mental Health America found that 27% of senior citizens suffer from severe anxiety disorders and that these conditions significantly impact their ability to function. The calmer and happier we feel, the readier we tend to be to get out there and enjoy life and the more interested we become in staying fit and active; all of which contributes to our overall well-being and helps us to stay clear of health problems related to age on so many levels

4.  Insomnia and Sleep 

On a final note, we’d like to talk about CBD and sleep. The older we get, the more we tend to have difficult sleeping, or the more difficult it becomes to enjoy a deep, restful sleep on a regular basis. Sleep is vital to our well-being in general, because it’s the way in which our brain regenerates and it’s the way in which we say goodbye to toxins that develop within our bodies. Better sleep translates into increased energy, which translates into a higher quality of life all round.

There are a number of CBD products on the market, like our LEVEL1500 cinnamon-flavored tincture, that are designed to induce and improve the quality of sleep. The more we rest, the more energy we have to remain active, and the better chance we have of aging gracefully. 

Instead of reaching for that sleeping pill, the one that comes with all kinds of medical side-effects, it might be time to give a natural CBD solution a try. Nothing to lose, right?

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