CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

Gaining momentum in the health and wellness industries, a number of studies indicate that CBD has the power to reduce discomforts, linked to chronic pain, and to ease feelings of anxiety.

Another interesting fact about CBD, is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways. Suppositories, topical application, and sublingual consumption styles are great options for anyone who wants to try CBD and test out the effectiveness of its natural impact on the human body. The best consumption method for you will depend on your individual needs and the things you like to do during your day… how best to include CBD as part of your regular routine. 

Today, we’re here to explain why CBD is safe, fun to consume, and fun to explore. Join the CBD community and start seeing the potential in your world for a CBD lifestyle. 


CBD is safe because… 


1- It comes from plants that are grown in our soils.

CBD is harvested from an extraordinary plant called hemp, a versatile member of the cannabis family. Hemp is a plant that has been around for thousands of years, historically cultivated for industrial purposes and its ability to adapt to the needs of the textile industry.

It’s one of the most regenerative plants on the planet. Unlike cotton, the hemp plant can be grown abundantly with very little water and without the need of a fertilizer. It’s naturally resistant to pests, so it doesn’t require pesticides or insecticides, and it captures carbon from the air and puts it into the ground through its complex root system. So, not only is it versatile and easy to grow, but it’s also a plant that contributes greatly to the preservation and restoration of our planet.

There’s nothing synthetic or man-made about the hemp plant. It’s a natural product that comes from our planet. Rich, wholesome goodness, growing peacefully in our soils.

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

2- Our bodies are designed to connect with CBD and reap its benefits

In the 1990s, scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS). But, what is it? In short, it’s a system in your body that is designed to absorb all the rich goodness that CBD has to offer. Our bodies are literally designed to connect with CBD, so yes… CBD is safe to use and beneficial at the same time. 

Going into a little more detail, the ECS is a physiological system that is connected to all other systems in the body via our ECS receptors. These ECS receptors are in our brains, spinal cords, organs, and skin. Cannabinoids, like CBD, bind to these receptors and bring balance to the body, helping it to function more efficiently. 

Another fascinating fact about the human body and its relationship to CBD, the hemp plant, and other cannabinoids, is that it has the ability to produce its own set of cannabinoids. That’s right! CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from a plant. As such, it’s scientifically referred to as a phytocannabinoid. The cannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce are called endocannabinoids. The human body has a pure connection to cannabinoids that cannot be denied and it’s one of the main reasons why CBD isn’t just safe, but also incredibly effective at generating a positive impact on our general wellbeing in so many ways.  

Both phytocannabinoids, like CBD, and endocannabinoids have the ability to reduce inflammation, boost our immune systems, and reduce the effects of stress, all of which are no doubt of interest to those who lead an active lifestyle and love staying fit and healthy. No wonder CBD is becoming more and more popular with professional athletes and people who take their training seriously.

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

3- CBD is legal at federal level and each state in the U.S. monitors the quality and content of CBD products through third-party lab testing

Hemp-derived CBD products (containing less than 0.3 percent THC) are federally legal. In 2018 the Farm Bill legalized the cultivation and commercialization of hemp-derived products and the use of CBD, in turn, skyrocketed. CBD is now available to consume in drinks, baked goods, gummies, bath bombs, pet products, clothes…you name it! Today you can find CBD almost anywhere, from Whole Foods to the local gas station, with each state adhering to its own CBD regulations.

So, what is third-party lab testing? And why is it important? 

Third-party lab testing is a quality control phase of manufacturing. It involves an independent organization’s review of the manufacturing process and end-results of a manufactured good.

The purpose of this testing ensures that the final product complies with specific safety and quality standards. It ensures that the results are free from bias, and that they’re accurate and reliable enough for consumers to make an educated decision about the products they want to buy and consume.

And it is important because when it comes to your health and wellness, it pays to be informed. Knowledge is power, as they say, and third-party testing allows you to be more knowledgeable about your purchases, your health, and your body’s needs.


CBD is fun to consume because….


At GetEvoke, we LOVE CBD because it can be consumed in a variety of ways, making it accessible to so many people for so many reasons. CBD manufacturers are becoming more and more innovative by the day and the CBD consumer is happy to give a new product format a try. And why shouldn’t we have a product that’s as fun to take as it is effective? Life is about living and variety, right? Even when we’re looking at those small delights.

CBD can be absorbed into the skin. When consuming CBD topically, using a cream or a salve for example, the initial connection with the human body is through the cannabinoid receptors located in the pores of our skin. CBD topicals are a great CBD product for dealing with sore muscles, irritating skin conditions, and even migraines. Simply apply the topical to the area you’d like to treat, like the neck, feet, or back, massage and allow the product to work its magic. Treat sore muscles and joints with roll-ons and salves, relax in a steaming hot tub with a bath bomb of CBD-infused skin therapy. If you have a migraine, you can massage a CBD-infused botanical cream onto your temples. Sounds fun, right?

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore


CBD tinctures are oils that are dropped under the tongue. Place just a few drops of the tincture under your tongue, hold the CBD oil in your mouth for 30 seconds, and then swallow. There are many reasons why people use CBD tinctures and there are even more ways to get creative with them too. For example, drop the CBD oil into your morning coffee, or into your post-workout juice, or maybe even use it to make some CBD-infused baked goods. Yum!

CBD is fun to explore because…

If you’re passionate about committing to an active lifestyle, you’re someone who likes to take care of their body and explore the best alternatives to reduce intake of over-the-counter drugs, always on the lookout for natural products that can enhance focus and strengthen alertness.


CBD is a natural remedy

With more people becoming aware of the chemicals and ingredients in over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, it’s no wonder that there’s a strong draw toward plant-based alternatives that are safe, effective, and all-natural. 


CBD is NOT addictive

Unlike prescription painkillers, CBD oil isn’t something you can become addicted to, making it a much more attractive choice for those who need to find a long-term solution to pain relief, anxiety, stress, or lack of sleep, among other things. What’s more, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which means it doesn’t get you high. You get all the benefits of CBD and the hemp plant, without having to worry about being spaced out or slightly off the ball during your working day.


CBD helps with a number of issues 

CBD oil has been shown to be effective and safe in the treatment of a wide range of health problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it effective in reducing pain, including the pain we suffer from arthritis, sciatica, and migraines.

Anyone already taking prescribed medications should always consult with their doctor before including any kind of CBD product into the mix.


Who is having the most fun with CBD and why?

CBD is used to create a variety of convenient products, which can be enjoyed in a number of ways, making it easy and fun to include CBD into a daily sports routine. In fact, many sports professionals and athletes have recognized and experienced the many restorative benefits of CBD. Let’s take a deeper look…

  • Golfers: while not often thought of as exacting the same physical toll as professional fighting or American Football, golf is a popular sport and, just like any physical activity, it can take its toll on both body and mind. Golfers choose GetEvoke’s CBD products because they’re looking for solutions that take care of them, their wellbeing, and their golfing form.
  • Cyclists: CBD products have become particularly popular with cyclists because they’re easy to use and designed to improve performance. If you’re recovering from an injury, supplementing your regimen with CBD may actually be quite beneficial to help get you back on the bike. Not only does it help reduce inflammation, but it may also relieve pain associated with soft tissue damage. It can aid with post-training recovery, improve sleep quality, and reduce anxiety.
  • Athletes: there’s still so much more we need to learn and research about the benefits of CBD for athletes, but this hasn’t stopped many of them from including it into their regular routines. Many have publicly shared anecdotal evidence relating to the benefits of CBD for the active. Some CBD companies specifically cater to athletes. GetEvoke’s products, as an example, are developed using a unique process from seed to sale, high in terpenes and phyto-cannabinoids, that releases the full potential of the hemp plant for active lifestyle purposes.
  • Yogis: most people in the U.S. turn to yoga for one or more of the following reasons: for increased strength, for improved flexibility, to reduce stress or feelings of anxiety, and to encourage a better night’s sleep. What might be interesting to some of you, is that all these positives can be enhanced when combining a regular yoga routine with the body benefits of CBD. This means that when you consume CBD and participate in a yoga class, the two work together in harmony, enhancing each other’s properties. Cool, right?
  • Busy Moms: they may not be sports professionals, but we have no doubt that what they fit into their day is worthy of the name. Moms who manage a family, run a business, take care of their friends, and who love learning new skills in the slither of time that they have to spare… busy moms benefit greatly from CBD. Our products are designed to keep busy moms on the move when they need to be, and to help them find those instant moments of calm when they need to bring things down a notch too.

A CBD product for every moment of the day

CBD is Safe, Fun to Consume, and Fun to Explore

In the morning, when the day strats 
Our premium, broad spectrum, whole plant, 25mg softgels, aptly named RECOVER, are 100% natural and designed to support the daily demands of an active lifestyle. The lasting effect of each CBD capsule provides full-body support and wellbeing that lasts for around 8 to 10 hours.


In the afternoon, after a long day 

RESOLVE is a premium, botanical CBD salve, rich in hemp oil extract, that uses the natural warming properties of cayenne pepper to prepare the body for a deep massage. It can help soothe muscle pain and can speed up the muscle recovery process post-workout.


At night, it’s time to give way to a deep sleep

Our LEVEL1500 CBD TINCTURE is our intensely-potent, cinnamon-flavored, full spectrum, night-time tincture. Like all our products, LEVEL1500 is designed to support those who love to be on the move by improving the quality of your sleep.


Although the research relating to CBD and its health benefits is in its infancy stages. It continues to suggest that CBD can be beneficial in so many ways. What’s most important for the consumer to always bear in mind is that all reputable CBD brands will be able to offer detailed information relating to the quality of their products, suppliers, and manufacturing processes. 

As CBD research continues to become more prevalent, results suggest that holistic wellness strategies induce less side effects, presenting natural, plant-based products, like CBD, as better options for all our wellness needs.