5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

Winter sports and activities can take a toll on your body. Whether it’s just over worked muscles or a bruise or two from a fall, the day after your mountain adventure could be a pretty sore one. 

For many winter enthusiasts, hitting the slopes is a favorite activity and so quick recovery is key to getting back out on those mountain slopes. As such, why not say hello to CBD?! Having your CBD ready-to-go product in your winter coat pocket is just what you need to get back on the mountain without delay.

More and more winter sport athletes and enthusiasts are turning to CBD as a recovery tool and all-round body benefitter. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps manage the aftermath after an active day, which is why it’s continuously gaining in popularity. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways for you to use CBD as part of your winter activity routine. 


CBD and Cold-Weather Wellness

The first thing you need to know is that your body’s main systems have their own centralized command center, known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS regulates many processes in your body, including neural (nerve signaling), hormonal, cellular, and immune functions. 

In fact, the ECS was discovered while researching cannabinoids, including CBD. Cannabinoids are simply chemical agents that mimic or enhance the functions of your body’s naturally-occurring chemical agents, known as endocannabinoids, which is one of the reasons why CBD can so effectively support your winter wellness in a variety of ways. And here they are…


1) Reducing Aches and Pains

CBD activates certain receptors in your brain to trigger the release of the pain-relieving neurotransmitter, known as serotonin. In addition, it binds to other receptors to assist with modulating pain signaling, so that you can relax and rest your body for a better and faster recovery.

The CBD tinctures we manufacture at GetEvoke have been specially formulated to support and enhance your active lifestyle, using differing levels of CBD and natural flavors.  Our lemon-flavored CBD oil Level1000 is the perfect formula for post-exercise recovery. It’s a medium-strength CBD tincture that has been specifically developed to speed up and improve muscle recovery post-workout, and it’s one of our best-selling products.

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

2) Repairing Joint Inflammation

CBD is a cannabinoid with the powerful ability to help balance your body back to an optimal state of health. One of the key ways it does this is by activating its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has been shown to reduce joint swelling and joint pain, keeping knees, hands, fingers, and hips exactly where they need to be. When taking advantage of winter sports opportunities, the last thing you need is to be suffering from sore joints, right?

At the end of a long day on the slopes, you’ll want to pamper your sore legs, neck, arms, feet, and shoulders with our premium CBD products. RESOLVE is a premium, botanical CBD salve, rich in hemp oil extract, that uses the natural warming properties of cayenne pepper to prepare the body for a deep massage. It can help soothe muscle pain and can speed up the muscle recovery process. We recommend giving our CBD botanical salve a try. RESOLVE warms, relaxes, and soothes sore muscles, post-exercise, and it gets to work fast.

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

3) Overall Body Balance to Enjoy All Your Favorite Activities

CBD is one of many compounds found in the hemp plant and, although it’s in its early stages of scientific research, the findings thus far indicate that the benefits from using CBD are many.

What’s more, there are many ways to consume CBD. You don’t have to smoke it. For example, you can opt for a CBD edible for on-the-go consumption. This is the perfect way to consume if you’re wanting to find pre-dosed CBD products that offer instant relief when you’re on the mountain-side during the cold months, or if you need to soothe tense muscles and promote pain management while you enjoy your favorite winter sports. 

Edibles are also great for those who don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil, or who want an option for daily dosing. Consuming CBD before and after you hit the slopes could keep the pain caused by a bumpy run at bay. 

Another idea we’d like to share relates to softgels. Our premium, broad spectrum, whole plant, 25mg CBD softgels, aptly named RECOVER, are 100% natural and designed to support the daily demands of an active lifestyle. The lasting effect of each CBD capsule provides full-body support and wellbeing that lasts for around 8 to 10 hours. 

Each softgel dissolves in the stomach, allowing the broad spectrum CBD to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and work its magic in a long-lasting manner throughout the course of the day.

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

4) CBD Products for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a complete skiing novice, and you’re facing your first bunny slope, or you’re on the verge of being a pro, carving your way through fresh powder on a black diamond run, there’s nothing quite as thrilling as gliding over the snow and feeling the fresh air in your face. 

The excitement of any winter sport can be a bit daunting and sometimes “intense” if you’ve got too much going on and you find it hard to switch off. But the great thing about CBD is that it has the natural, organic power, to put you at your ease within minutes. 

As I mentioned before, the human body has its own Endocannabinoid system. The ECS is composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors which transmits signals to the brain and central nervous system. Hemp-derived CBD helps to enhance these signals by sending messages to the brain that could aid in reducing the pain that comes from the physical toll of being on the slopes all day. 

But, what’s the best CBD product for anyone who needs some CBD loving while they’re still out there on the slopes? We say, RELIEVE, our CBD-infused freeze gel roll-on. 

RELIEVE is a convenient roll-on solution that tackles niggling joint pain and small surface areas – those kinds of things that can cause us to experience problems during exercise, preventing you from being able to continue with your regular routines. By tapping into the natural powers of menthol, this topical roll-on, infused with 350 mg of CBD, that cools the skin as soon as it’s applied, alleviates niggling complaints so that you can stay active during winter.

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

5) Sleep Well and Prepare For a New Day

Having a good day on the slopes usually means you had a decent sleep the night before. When we don’t get enough sleep, we’re more susceptible to injury. So, finding a CBD product to improve the quality of your sleep, and to help you to wake up and get up feeling 100% refreshed, is so very, very important. CBD can help to promote a restful sleep, leaving you ready for the wintery day ahead and all the winter activities you’ve got planned.

In particular, we recommend our LEVEL1500 cinnamon-flavored tincture; a highly potent, full spectrum tincture, specially manufactured to improve the quality of your sleep. Our 1500mg CBD tincture induces a deeper, more restorative sleep; essential for anyone who loves to push their body to its limits and get up the next day so that they can do it all over again.

The cinnamon flavor is a popular one, particularly when you add this CBD oil to your favorite night-time beverage. It provides the perfect solution for people who don’t like the taste of natural, non-flavored CBD oil, and pairs really well with coffees, teas, and hot milk or chocolate.

Whether you’re looking for a quality CBD oil or something a little more unique, turn to GetEvoke for your winter sports program or snowy vacation experience.

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations

Final CBD Winter Thoughts…

Consuming CBD before you hit the slopes is an effective preventative measure against possible injury or unnecessary fatigue. Similarly, using a CBD topical or highly CBD potent tincture after your day on the slopes, is what your body needs to be able to recover faster and get back on the mountain quicker.

The great thing about CBD is that it’s so varied, which means there’s a GetEvoke CBD product for everyone; particularly for those who love to cut through snowy mountain trails on their winter vacations. Ready to go shoop, shoop, CBD, shoop?

5 Ways to Use CBD for Winter Sports, Winter Activities, and Winter Vacations