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Veterans & Cannabis: The Need For Alternative Care

Veterans and cannabis

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The importance of alternative care for veterans has been evident for a number of years. There are a range of programs available in the U.S. that offer different forms of alternative care for veterans, including meditation, yoga, hiking and the like. A particularly interesting scheme looks to place veterans in foster care homes with loving families.

Regardless of the program type, for most states with alternative care programs, the objective remains the same: to offer veterans an alternative to the standard medicated solutions provided by pharmaceutical companies which, to date, appear to be failing tremendously. But what about veterans & cannabis? Let’s take a look…

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Cannabis for Veterans: The state of play

What do we know about cannabis for veterans? What do veterans say about their experiences with cannabis? What kind of support is available to veterans who are interested in trying cannabis for medicinal purposes for the first time?

Let’s begin with the undeniable.

What we have at our disposal, made available via the internet, the press and social media, is a long list of examples, personal experiences and anecdotal evidence from veterans who have used or who continue to use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

A few clinical trials, exploring the effects of smokable cannabis on veterans, suffering from PTSD, also exist.

The results acquired and the experiences we hear about are positive. The general plea from the veteran community is for medicinal cannabis to be legalized federally so that it can become more readily available to all veterans in need, nationwide.

Without federal go-ahead, veteran organizations are unable to offer medicinal cannabis to vets who turn to them for help.

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Groups and Organizations Dedicated to Cannabis for Veterans

Who are some of the main players in the cannabis for veterans arena? How do these groups and organizations support the veteran community in their struggle for cannabis legalization?

We’d like to highlight three important entities

1. Veterans Cannabis Project

The first is the Veterans Cannabis Project, an organization devoted to improving quality of life for all U.S. veterans through medical cannabis.

Their objective is to support veterans in the struggle toward full, legal access to medical cannabis and to change the conversation, surrounding the cannabis plant, to one about its life-saving, health treatment value.

They advocate cannabis access on behalf of all veterans, they educate policy makers on the value of cannabis for veterans, and they support veterans nationwide by providing them with resources related to medicinal cannabis.

2. Veterans For Cannabis

Veterans For Cannabis is a network that assists veterans with reintegration into civilian life.

They help veterans find employment, they help with entrepreneur training, and guide habits that lead to healthy lifestyles.

These habits include reducing dependency on pharmaceutical drugs and turning to alternatives, including medicinal cannabis, to overcome or learn how to deal with PTS and other disorders.

3. Veterans Cannabis Group

The third organization we’d like to highlight is the Veterans Cannabis Group, based in California.

Their mission is to advocate and support the use of medicinal cannabis as a way of treating the symptoms of combat and related PTSD, as experienced by U.S. military veterans.

They provide education, resources and benefits related to medicinal cannabis.

They also strive to strengthen relationships between veteran communities and local cannabis businesses and governments.

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Cannabis for Veterans: Lawyers pushing forward

As is the case with most cannabis matters, veterans need the federal government to come on board before they can expect to get the kind of access to medicinal cannabis that they desire and, many would argue, need.

Veteran lawmakers have experienced some degree of success with the passing of two U.S. House bills by the House Committee on Veterans Affairs on March 12, 2020.

The first bill, H.R. 712, also known as the VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2019, looks to drive forward increased research on the impact of cannabis on physical ailments caused by active duty. The second bill, H.R. 1647, also known as the Veterans Equal Access Act of 2019, gives physicians the go-ahead to complete state-legal medical cannabis-recommendation paperwork.

While the advances made are positive, what the veteran community really needs is a vote by the full House.

Considering the current climate, and the ever-increasing focus on COVID-19 this year (2020), a House vote this session is looking highly unlikely.

Veterans & Cannabis: The Need For Alternative Care

Combining Medicinal Cannabis with Regular Exercise

We all know that physical exercise can do wonders for our mental and emotional health. So, the idea of a veteran’s program that pairs regular exercise with cannabis is an attractive one on many levels.

Veterans who suffer from physical injuries may find cannabis particularly useful when wanting to commit to an exercise routine.

At GetEvoke, we’re most interested in the role that both cannabis and hemp-derived CBD can play in the regular routines of those who want to lead, maintain and enhance active lifestyles.

Anecdotal evidence that matches cannabis use with exercise and wellness grows stronger by the day. In fact, cannabis advocates are rapidly managing to change the perception of cannabis from harmful drug to beneficial body supplement.

We select our strains with care and help consumers to match each strain available with a particular type of exercise or routine. If you need any help in choosing the right strain for your needs, feel free to contact us directly.

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